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Nudging Students Into Better Grade Outcomes

Despite the proliferation of learning management systems, it is common for students to ask the instructor their grade during the semester. "Grade Nudge" is a Google Drive based program that indicates not only the student's current grade, but the possible grade outcomes given various scores. In a randomized trial, this treatment has been shown to increase student performance by four percentage points (e.g. a C+ student performs at a B- level).
Online Instructional Training (with Zoom)  
I will be providing an online demonstration of the Grade Nudge software on October 6th. Click the sign-up button below to select one of the two available times; the scheduling software will automatically e-mail you connection details and a reminder 24 hours before the event. You can download a calendar invite on the event confirmation page.

Create Random Assignments

A cloud-based tool to help implement alternative teaching materials

"Create Random Assignments" is a program that allows an instructor to generate a set of assignments where each student gets a random selection of questions based on a question bank.
Sample Question Banks  
Question banks by Jadrian Wooten

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